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“Highly intelligent, appropriately articulate and engagingly provocative…Johnson displays real skill in analysing the complex impact of advertising slogans, brand names, and the like.”

“Synthesizes a wide range of current thinking…about grammar, branding, cognitive science and Web theory…with intelligence and friendly wit.”

“Johnson’s book is much more than a writing how-to…[it] is a map of the crypto-sublime iceberg that language has become.”

“Christopher Johnson makes a compelling case for rethinking the way we use language…Chock full of examples and well-written insights, ‘Microstyle’ comes from a linguist who is interested in the art and the science of modern language.”

“[This] insightful…guide to the lessons of linguistics, psychology and rhetoric as they apply to any kind of writing…packs a lot into a small package.”

“You should probably go read it.”

“Johnson’s Microstyle offers…really good advice for better messaging”

“With advice for writing compelling blogs, pitches, ads, slogans, and social-media postings, Johnson’s sophisticated, richly referenced, and example-filled microstyle guide is distinctive, instructive, enjoyable, and inspiring.”

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“Reading ‘Microstyle’ is like understanding how advertising works.”

“Microstyle almost feels like an evil dictator’s manual for taking over the world, one beautifully structured Apple tagline at a time.”

“Some of Johnson’s themes echo work we’ve written about here. Recent research…found that people who send short e-mails are likely to get responses more quickly than those who send longer, less focused ones.”

“The book is a pleasurable and easy read and tackles its subject in a direct and to-the-point fashion.”


“In this remarkably readable book, Johnson makes accessible a number of ideas that…most of us need to learn if we are going to thrive as writers in the 21st century.”

“Johnson is a refreshing and rational voice who presents ideas that counter convention…His book is not beach reading but required reading.”

“The book is compelling both for its advice as well as for Johnson’s readings of the lexicon we live by.”

“I found Microstyle thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening. It has plenty of practical value…but I also recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who’s interested in what Chris Johnson calls ‘everyday verbal creativity, the poetics of the vernacular.'”

“Definitely a must-read for anyone who cares anything at all for the English language.”